Bali Cruise Terminal provides cruise ships with a reliable shore partner who offers tailored shore side activities and excursions to enhance the visit of cruise guests as they call on Bali Asiaís No.1 tour destination.

The location of the terminal provides easy access to Baliís major attractions and activities. Our specially designed shore excursions can provide guests the authentic Balinese experience. We can also offer unique opportunities to the most discerning guests. At all times our experience and focus on detail ensures the safety and security of all.

Sited in a village and with close links to the community, Bali Cruise Terminals offers a unique opportunity to experience Balinese culture within walking distance. The local temple, villagers whose culture seeks to welcome guests into their homes and lives and their breadbasket the rice paddy. All emphasize the unique nature of Bali Cruise Terminal as a destination.


Bali – Tri Hita Karana – God, Man and the Environment

Europeans have been drawn to the spirituality that is in practice Bali for hundreds of years. A small island in the Indonesian Archipelago it combines natural beauty and a history as a frontier between religions and cultures.

A Hindu island in a sea of Islam with roots in Animism and an occasional patina of Christianity; an artistís model, a novelistís inspiration; an island famous for peace and harmony to guests it offers stimulation for all senses: visually magnificent temples, palaces and dancing; intriguing musical diversions in modern and traditional Gamelan. A unique cuisine based on local agriculture with flavours and smells to incite the most torpid palate and a tactile paradise of crafts unique to the island.

Bali offers something for everyone the deeper you seek the more Bali gives.