Cruise ships of all sizes can anchor close to the terminal. A sand bed provides good holding for anchors; swell and other met-ocean conditions offer easy of ship to boat transfer most of the year. On request a pontoon landing stage can be provide shipside in the anchorage. Navigation charts and aids are maintained to support a tanker terminal close to the anchorage.

Ships tenders or water taxis provided by the terminal ferry guests to a 30m long pontoon. The free board of the pontoon can be adjusted to provide easy access from most ships tenders. The pontoon and approach bridge can accept limousines and small mini buses to collect disabled and elderly passengers.


Marine Access

Anchorage depths of over 12m
No length restrictions for cruise ships
Well ballasted and protected pontoon
Monsoon season waves inc. swell no more than 2.5m
Normal waves inc. swell no more than 1.0m
Excellent navigation aids and marine charts
Bali Cruise Terminal is being continuously upgraded towards a Master Plan, it is focused on achieving a world class cruise facilities for Bali.

Status at Operations Commencement July 2009

Can accept ships tender or provide water taxis of up to 100 person capacity
Able to handle four tenders at any one time
The capacity to deliver containerized luggage and provisions to the ship will be an option

Master Plan

Two cruise ships alongside
Ability to home port cruise ships
Full waste water, potable water and bunkering facilities
Cold ironing will be provided as an option